18/9/18 (18th September 18)

01:11 BST (GMT+1)

History is written by the conqueror not the conquered

Ancient folk lore was handed down by word of mouth, generation to generation.  All of the scholars that we get accounts of these folk lores from were Christian scholars in the employment of the Churches of those times.  I have found that these accounts do not make any logical sense, there for cannot be true as the truth is easy to explain, is logical and makes simple sense.  Deliberate misinformation to confuse those that stand against them, those that practice other religions that they labelled as Pagans, those that rejected Christian and Hebrew teachings that they labelled as Heathens, they being the Christians that were doing the labelling.

We are not Pagan, we are not Heathen as we are not coming at it from a Christian point of view.


18/9/18 02:22 BST (GMT+1)

Morning Twilight of the Gods (Dawn of the Gods)

RAGNAROK (Twilight of the Gods)

The Gods have awoken!

And we are Finesseans

From the noun finesse!

Who's in charge?  We are in charge!

18/9/18 03:33 BST (GMT+1)

Our Light AEldrs your religions call Angels, Our Dark AEldrs your religions call Demons

The Legend of King Arthur, Luther Pen Dragon & Merlin was invented by a Catholic Monk called Geoffrey of Monmouth

The Dark ages have been proved to be a period of peace and simple Breton  folk just getting on with life.

The Roman Catholic Church & the Church of England are not a force for good in the world.

Over a period of 900 years they have socially conditioned you to be subservient slaves, eager to work for them, pay taxes to them and suffer while they live in the lap of luxury at your expense.

You could be free again, to be free again accept responsibility for your actions, face the unknown with strength and courage and make your own decisions, make your own mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

You cannot rely upon recorded history of folk lore as that was recorded by your enemies who were and still are hell bent on leading you up the garden path by deliberate misinformation.

We are creating a better future, in order to do so we are removing the bad apples from the barrel, that is why modern civilized Christian society is turning to shit, courtesy of those Angels that they love and worship & those Demons that they hate and despise.

It will be a very hard Brexit as that is part of the United Kingdoms fate, but soon after that the European Union will collapse and Britain will be the strongest economy in northern Europe, Scotland will be its own republic state, the same with Wales and the south west of England which once was known as the Breton lands in the time they called the dark ages.  To the east the old Anglo Saxon lands of England will no longer be a united kingdom as that is so old fashioned and seriously out of fashion. the England to the East will be in turmoil whilst the monarchy and the Christian churches prevail.

This is the Will of the Vanir.

The United States of America is going through a similar process, only because your president was at his golf club in Scotland when the will was made. So what he does to your country, a similar thing happens to the European Union at the same time.