Divine peace God shall add flood waters

Is the meaning of the name

Lloyd in the English meaning of the word as this person was born in England to a father who was also born in England, a powerful leader, fiery warrior of welsh Lloyd parentage

And the moral of the story is:  

Be very careful about how you name your Children

History was written by the conqueror not the conquered

Ancient folk lore was handed down by word of mouth, generation to generation.  All of the scholars that we get accounts of these folk lores from were Christian scholars in the employment of the Churches of those times.  I have found that these accounts do not make any logical sense, there for cannot be true as the truth is easy to explain, is logical and makes simple sense.  Deliberate misinformation to confuse those that stand against them, those that practice other religions that they labelled as Pagans, those that rejected Christian and Hebrew teachings that they labelled as Heathens, they being the Christians that were doing the labelling.

I am not Pagan, I am not Heathen as I am not coming at it from a Christian point of view.


Morning Twilight of the Gods (Dawn of the Gods)

RAGNAROK (Twilight of the Gods)

The Gods have awoken!

And we are Finesseans

From the noun finesse!