About us

The meaning of the name Jessica is He or She See's.  We are a Vanatru Heathen inspired Brand, which celebrates everything Fertility, everything Love and everything Wisdom.

The 33 we borrowed from Chinese Taoism mythology as the number of infinity, the numerological value of Jessica is 3, combined we have 333, a magical number.

The Vanir Gods is an old branch of Gods, the Vanir are masters of sorcery in Norse mythology. They are also widely recognized for their talent to predict the future. Nobody knows where the land, Vanaheim lies except the Vanir, or even what it looks like except the Vanir. When the war between the Aesir and the Vanir ended, three of the Vanir came to live in Asgard, Njord and his children Freya and Freyr, allegedly. But you should always beware of Scholars bearing gifts as they are nearly as bad as the Greeks.

Christian scholars like Snorri Sturluson wrote that it had either happened or was yet to happen as time is a man made thing.

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